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'Beside the Odin Mine' - Castleton, Derbyshire

'Beside the Odin Mine' - Castleton, Derbyshire

At the foot of the 'mother hill' of Mam Tor (the 'Shivering Mountain'), the remains of the crumbling and collapsed A625 road crosses the landslip and struggles down to Castleton. Here, beside the Odin Mine, the thick, swirling mist a frequent visitor to the Hope Valley - is caught in the early morning, winter light. The scheduled ancient monument of the Odin Mine, the oldest documented mine in Derbyshire and one of the oldest lead mines in England, is thought to have been mined by the Romans and subsequently the Saxons and Danes (the name certainly references the latter). It ceased production around 1870.
Available as a 22.25" x 16.25" size fine art archival print in a limited edition of 25

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