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John Eastwood Photographer - Artist Statement
John Eastwood is one of the leading British Fine Art Landscape Photographers, working in the light and landscapes of the North West including Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Wales, Lake District and the Isle of Man.

His photographs have been published by the National Trust and featured in a wide variety of books and magazines.

He exhibits regularly in venues around the North West and his limited edition fine art prints are widely collected and sought after and can be found in collections all over the world.
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Images of the landscape have fascinated me from a young age. Not the stereotypical sweeping vistas of the rolling hills and plains, but the more subtle details concealed within those spaces that lie waiting to be revealed.

Although I spend much of my time exploring the varied landscapes of the North West, I have never set out with the deliberate objective of documenting them through a camera lens. Nor have I sought to portray them as idyllic, beautiful, dramatic or pastoral; though one could well apply such adjectives to these environments. What I do seek to convey in my landscape photography is a sense of the natural spirit and elemental nature of these places, their unique feeling of presence that goes beyond a sense of place and stirs our imaginations, connecting us directly to the beauty and dignity of our environment.

Many of my images are captured at first light and often in the early months of the year when the soft, low light has an evocative and ethereal quality. My pictures are few and far between and in many ways each of them is a meditation. My hope is that through light and composition they speak of something other than their immediate scenic nature. The changing and evolving North West landscapes and the light within them are a source of constant inspiration for me and I hope some element of their spirituality is transmitted as you view my photography.

Whenever possible I incorporate long exposure times into my work and during the course of the image being captured a number of chance elements may occur; the light may change, shadows and clouds may move, grasses and trees may be gently stirred by a breeze. In this way the photograph becomes a living, changing and evolving representation rather than a static snapshot of a given moment in time and reflects more naturally how the eye sees and the brain perceives the landscape. My photographic techniques are entirely dependent on the available light and the actuality of the landscape. I do not seek to ‘re-enchant the land’ and the images you see are as I found them.

The concept of revealed or accidental images conveys something of what matters to me most in photography and what excites me about physically existing within the landscape; the combination of chance, circumstance, light and discovery. Serendipity is integral to my work and as such the number of pictures I take and the number of fine art photographic prints I release as limited editions are infrequent and in many ways self-selecting.
Fine Art Landscape Photography by John Eastwood
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Fine Art Landscape Photography by John Eastwood
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